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dentist treating adult with developmental disability

The Medical Department serves inpatients and outpatients by providing primary care, subspecialty care and habilitative, therapeutic care to children and adults with developmental disabilities and related neurologic disorders. The medical staff provides support to all clinical departments, including nursing, pharmacy, and therapeutic services, and provides support and health services to The Matheny School. The medical staff maintains the affiliation with Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School and participates in medical and dental professional undergraduate educational programs.

The outpatient division provides comprehensive care across the life span using the interdisciplinary model, which means that a team approach is used to provide care. All team members understand the scope of practice of each team member, and the care provided by the team is coordinated by one of the team members. The inpatient division uses a transdisciplinary model, meaning that health care team members' roles across disciplines are shared within the team so that communication, interaction, and cooperation are maximized and the team teaches, learns, and works together to implement coordinated services.