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Madison Family Forms 'Jack's Team'
To Raise Funds for Miles for Matheny

The Harter family, from left: two-year-old
Meghan, Doug, Jack, Katie and two-year-
old Caroline.

Four-year-old Jack Harter has only been a student at the Matheny School  since December, but, according to his parents – Katie and Doug Harter of Madison – it already feels like home.  "When we first came into the lobby, we felt comfortable right away," says Katie.  “The teachers and administrators are all so warm and friendly.”  Adds his father, Doug:  "It’s unbelievable how well he’s doing."

On Sunday, April 17, the 14th annual Miles for Matheny fundraiser and community event will be held at Natirar Park in Peapack, and the Harters have formed Jack’s Team to raise funds for the event.  As of March 18, $2,000 had already been raised.  Signature activity for Miles is the Lu Huggins Wheelchair Walk during which Matheny students and patients in wheelchairs, accompanied by walking partners, travel 1.5 miles around the perimeter of the park.  There is also a 5K run, five cycling routes and a kids fun run, all followed by a celebration picnic.  Funds raised for the event help support the Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry, which provides medical, dental and therapy care to inpatients and people with disabilities in the community.

For more information or to register, log onto or call (908) 234-0011, ext. 260.  To support Jack’s Team, click on Search For Participant and type in the name.

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