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Mardi Gras for Matheny

John Paul and Jeanne May of Bridgewater,
NJ, with their son, Henry, and daughter,
Ginger. Their other son, Mason, is a
residential student at Matheny.

From left, David Christiansen and
Nancy Allegar of Stockton, NJ, with
Verve owner Rick St. Pierre.

The Verve Bistro Bar Lounge in Somerville was packed with customers on Fat Tuesday, February 21, to celebrate Mardi Gras and support Matheny, which will receive 10% of the Fat Tuesday proceeds in addition to funds raised from a Mardi Gras mask silent auction that continued through Saturday, February 25.  Since opening Verve in the late 1990s, owner Rick St. Pierre has consistently given back to the community.  He was recently named Somerville‚Äôs 2011 Citizen of the Year.


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