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Matheny Prom: 'Fire and Ice'

Morris Hills High student Jill Gonzalez
dancing with Matheny student Yasin
Reddick. Gonzalez was part of a group
of volunteers from the Trinity United
Church Youth Group in Dover, NJ.

Teaching assistant Erin Brown with
Prom King Jamie Formisano.

Tim McLoone, leader of Holiday Express, the all-volunteer band that plays every year at the annual Matheny Prom, invited three members of the Matheny Choir to join in the singing early on; and no one stopped dancing until it was time for dessert.  The theme of this year's prom was "Fire and Ice", but the fire quickly melted the ice, as Matheny students, adult patients, staff members, families and friends from the community all joined in to turn up the heat at this very special event.

Student volunteers from the Junior Friends of Matheny (Bernards High in Bernardsville, NJ), Morris Hills High in Rockaway, NJ, and the Trinity United Church Youth Group in Dover, NJ, contributed to the spirit and enthusiasm of the evening, which included a special ice sculpture and the crowning of this year’s prom king and queen, Jamie Formisano and Dina Conturso.

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