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Prize Money

Every year, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company offers its employees across the country the opportunity to spend a business day volunteering in the community in a program called “Day of Sharing” This year, the company sponsored the first-ever Day of Sharing photo contest, and third prize was won by the New Jersey field office. The prize -- $500 – was presented by Andrea Opilla, senior underwriter, to Robert Budelman, director of philanthropy at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center, a special hospital and special education school in Peapack for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities. Fireman’s Fund employees had volunteered at Matheny as part of their Day of Sharing participation. Accompanying Opilla, a resident of Bedminster, were other Fireman’s Fund employees, Bob Sheldon of Augusta, and Pat Raczyk of Succasunna. Showing her appreciation was four-year-old Matheny student, Niara Holmes. The winning photo showed the arm of a Matheny patient holding onto the arm of another patient.

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