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Matheny Students Participate in Somerset Hills Little League Game

Matheny student Shane Szott with, from
left, Mirabelle Eby, Nicole McCloskey and
Delilah Eby, all of Bernardsville.

“I just like to see them happy.” That’s how Adam Lewis of Bernardsville, NJ, described the experience of playing an adapted baseball game with students from Matheny.  Lewis is a member of the Somerset Hills Little League, which hosted the Matheny students on May 11 at the Somerset Hills Kiwanis Field in Bernardsville.  About a dozen 10-12-year-olds volunteered to participate in the game, and there were lots more students and families cheering on the sidelines.  Neil Klein of Gladstone, NJ, who organized the event, described the experience as “spirited, engaging, tender and heartwarming." The Somerset Hills players helped the Matheny students bat and field and pushed them along the baselines.  It was a game that everybody won.