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Prom Night

Prom Queen Carissa Moore.

At the annual Matheny Prom, volunteers from the community, parents and siblings and Matheny staff members joined Matheny students and patients to party the night away, dancing to the music of Holiday Express, the Monmouth County-based volunteer band that has become part of the Matheny family. The Prom, held May 26 at the Skylands in Randolph, NJ, is one example of how Matheny seeks to enhance its students' and patients' quality of life. For one night, they can forget their disabilities and celebrate the same rite of passage enjoyed by young adults everywhere. The event was funded, through Matheny's Community Connections program, by a donation from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in East Hanover, NJ.

Bernards High student Emily Quintana and Matheny
student Yasin Reddick.

Holiday Express.

Ridge High School students, Courtney Lailey, left, and
Nora Smith with adult patient, Annie Paloff.

From left, personal care assistant Mesrak Dagne, Chuck
Matheny and occupational therapist Tara Hopko.

Ridge High School student, Lauren Desatnick, dancing
with her brother, Bryan Desatnick.

Student Zach Ludlow and teaching assistant
Megan Schroeder.

Prom King Danny Teresi.

Nicole Jung of Kaleidoscope Hair &
Body Salon in Basking Ridge, NJ,
styles Louise Goroff's hair.

Bernards High School student,
Jordan Smith, left, and her sister,
Courtney, a student at the
Bedminster School, with adult
patient Gerald Tavares.

Student James Wild with his mother
Cathy, left, and sister Renee.

Bozena Geraghty with her parents,
Michael and Liz Geraghty.

Sara Molle of Flemington, NJ, and
adult patient Camille Van Valen.

West Morris Central students,
Deanna Fischer, left, and
Stephanie Egleston with adult
patient Dion Alston.