Welcome to The Matheny School

The Matheny School is a New Jersey approved private school for children with disabilities. When a school district needs the resources to effectively educate the student with complex disabilities and associated health needs, Matheny is there to help. At Matheny, children having a variety of developmental disabilities, physical challenges and complex medical conditions find a safe, supportive environment where they can reach their academic, social, vocational, and personal potential.

For over 60 years Matheny has been helping students achieve their greatest level of learning and independence through our collaborative approach, integrating traditional academics with therapeutic intervention and pre-vocational skills development. Our caring staff includes special education teachers and aides, licensed therapists in the areas of speech/language pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, as well as nurses, social workers and psychologists. The entire team works closely with our students’ families and local school districts to design a service plan that is uniquely tailored to each student’s specific needs.


At Matheny no disability is a barrier to learning. Our students learn in small, supportive class groupings, with plenty of individual attention. Through the use of adaptive techniques and instructional and assistive technology we provide universal access to any learning activity. And, while every student has an individualized education plan (IEP), our interdisciplinary team is always looking at innovative strategies to meet each child’s individual learning style and unique learning needs. The overriding goal is to give each student the opportunity to achieve the highest level of academic achievement and the greatest degree of independence possible.

Rounding out the school experience for our students are many extracurricular activities and events available on and off campus, making time at The Matheny School rich and personally fulfilling. By participating in activities such as adaptive sports, visits to museums, publishing the school newsletter, and attending the prom, students gain confidence and independence.

The Matheny School is licensed by the State of New Jersey DOE and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The academic curriculum at Matheny School meets the New Jersey Department of Education Common Core State Standards and Core Curriculum Content Standards.



Typically, the local school district Child Study Team, along with the family, determines if a special education private school is the appropriate educational setting for the child. Once Matheny is selected as the school most suitable for the student, the referring district pays the tuition fees and arranges the student’s transportation.
Referrals may be made at any time; we consider candidates throughout the year.

Families and Child Study Teams are welcome to call or email the Director of Admissions for program information or to schedule a tour:

Sean Murphy
(908) 234-0011 ext 721

School Programs
Pre-school Ages 3-5
Elementary Ages 5-14
High School Ages 14-21
Extended School Year (ESY)This option is available during July and August

Collaboration with Families and School Districts

Families and school districts are integral partners in our students’ educational programs and success. For every child enrolled at Matheny, Individualized Education Program (IEP) plans are developed through cooperative planning with each student’s family and school district. IEP meetings are held minimally once a year to review student progress and plan for the next year’s educational program and families receive regular communications from the IEP team. We strive to make our school a true community – welcoming parents to visit their child’s classrooms and inviting entire families to join in many of our recreational and social activities such as holiday events, picnics, and the prom.

Public school districts are our valued partners, and we work closely with them to ensure each student’s IEP goals and objectives are accomplished. Matheny also supports public school districts onsite at their school or at students’ homes with contract services to assist schools with the challenges of educating special needs students. For more information visit [link to Contract Services section of Community Services section of site]

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